The need for Family / Group Day Care Home providers is tremendous.  Providers enjoy the benefits of working while staying at home with their children.  With a Day Care structured by Day Care Homes of the Pee Dee CAP, you can learn more about operating a business that supplies children with proper nutrition, health education, and safety.  It also gives them activities for recreation and supports infant and toddler development.

Consider the Benefits:
- Working in your own house
- A regular income
- Being your own boss
- Spending time with your own children
- Teaching children good eating habits
- and more rewards that are endless!!

Reimbursement Services

The federal government establishes reimbursement rates for meals and snacks annually.  Reimbursement rates are based on household income eligibility guidelines.  Those individuals in the lowest income categories will provide the daycare with the highest reimbursement level for each eligible meal or snack.  Family day care home reimbursement is based on the income of the provider or the socioeconomic level of the neighborhood of the provider or the income levels of the children in care.  Approved family day care home sponsoring agencies also receive payment for expenses based on the number of homes they administer in the program.

Pee Dee CAP must ensure that their day care homes are appropriately licensed or approved and maintain accurate records.  Breakfast, lunch, supper and morning, afternoon and late night snacks may be reimbursed depending on the type of day care program and the hours of operation.  A maximum of two meals and one snack or two snacks and one meal may be claimed per participant per day.  Meals and snacks must provide a minimum number of food components in defined serving size to qualify for reimbursement.  Food components include fluid milk, fruits and vegetables, breads and bread alternates, and meat and meat alternates.