Philosophy Statement & Five-Year Program Goals

Philosophy Statement

PDCAP Head Start /Early Head Start believes the lives of young children, pregnant women and their families can be enriched and supported by our quality services. We believe children thrive in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and experimentation.  We encourage parents to be proactive in the education of their children.  We respect and acknowledge that a parent is their child’s first and most important teacher.

PDCAP Head Start /Early Head Start approaches learning by providing individualized interactions with children based on best-practices to raise the developmental levels of each child. In a safe and caring environment, inclusive of rich language, children develop social-emotional skills, cognitive and early literacy skills that are the foundation for learning.  The daily routines and activities of the classroom supports critical thinking, understanding of concepts and promote physical growth and development. Together these activities allow a child to reach their potential at their own pace. We firmly believe that all children can learn. What children learn between birth and the time they start kindergarten lays the foundation for their learning and development for years to come. It is our desire to equip children with a variety of tools to prepare them for kindergarten and later success in school and life.  

Parent engagement in the classroom, at the center level and within program operations creates a meaningful bond between the home and the program to foster a vibrant relationship that benefits all children. Parents are provided with opportunities to enhance their parenting skills and understand developmental milestones from instructional staff and each other, thus family relationships are strengthened. Strong families lead to stronger communities.  Pee Dee CAP Head Start/Early Head Start is committed to providing the families of Florence, Marion and Dillon counties with a higher quality early childhood experience to enhance the overall well-being of young children and support long-term success in public schools.

Five Year Program Goals


Child Outcomes

Children birth to five will demonstrate positive approaches to learning through engagement, attentiveness, persistence and curiosity leading to school readiness. 

Family Outcomes

Parents will acquire knowledge and gain access to community resources needed to build a better life for their children, birth to five.

Professional Development

Staff will expand their competencies utilizing best practices to support the diversity of children and families within the program.