Emergency Shelters

The HEARTH Act revised the Emergency Shelter Grants Program to create the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program.  The Emergency Shelter Grants provided funds under the first allocation of FY 2011 funds and earlier fiscal years.  ESG recipients and subrecipients use Emergency Shelter Grants Program funds to rehabilitate and operate emergency shelters and transitional shelters, provide essential social services, and prevent homelessness.

Pee Dee Cap is operating three programs out of the Emergency Solutions Grant.  We operate two Emergency Shelters: our Florence location at 411 South Jarrott St. and our Dillon location on 5th Ave.  These shelters serve as temporary housing until permanent housing is found for the client.  There is also a Homeless Prevention portion of the grant.  This is used to stop clients from becoming homeless.  Lastly, there is a Rapid Rehousing portion of the grant.  This is used to quickly find housing for homeless individuals.