The Low- Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program designed to assist eligible low-income households in meeting home heating and/ or cooling needs.

LIHEAP alleviates home energy crisis through the provision of energy assistance, energy education, income management, counseling, and intervention with energy providers on behalf of low-income individuals.

Income eligibility for LIHEAP Assistance under this plan will be limited to households whose total monthly gross income does not exceed 150 % of the Poverty Income Guideline.

The goals of LIHEAP for the Program year are to expand outreach to previously unserved households target energy assistance to eligible households with the highest energy needs and lowest incomes, increase efficiency of energy usage by applicant households.

To qualify for the program is first come first serve basis and you will need the following information to apply: Proof of ALL income for the last 30 days, identification (driver’s license/ID) social security cards of ALL household members, itemized bill (all Pages), proof of unemployment or zero income, proof of emergency (eviction, energy bill, foreclosure notice, disaster reports, etc.) and proof of disability (if applicable).